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I forgot my password and or username

If you just forgot your password you can type your email address in the lost password form and we will email it to you. The email you provide in the form should be the one that was used when you registered on nogogo. If you forgot your username please contact us at info@nogogo.cn and let us know, we will retrieve your information and send it to the email that was used when you registered on nogogo.

Why didn't I receive a confirmation email with my order?

Sometimes its just because our system needs a refresh and other times it might be that you registered with an email address different than the one you normally use. If you do not receive a confirmation email with your order you can contact us by email, live chat or phone and we will confirm the order for you.

Can I suggest a product that you don't currently offer?

Yes! Whenever a customer asks us for a specific product they want, we will do our best to find and stock that product. After all that is why we started our business, to supply you not only with all types of products but also hard to find products. We want to satisfy your cravings by stocking your favorite items. Just drop us a line and tell us what you are looking for.

Do you ship everywhere?

At present we only offer our delivery service within China. For local delivery near the Shenzhen area please check our delivery table for rates and timeframes. For orders outside our local area we use express shipping and usually they can take anywhere from 3-5 days, so frozen products and fresh food will only be delivered during the winter months. All non perishable products can be shipped anywhere in China anytime of the year.

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